Preston Cycling Club always welcomes new members. There are two different forms of licences available when you join the Preston Cycling Club. You can join as a competitive member, or as a non-competitive member. So whether you are interested in competing on the road or track, or prefer to participate in recreational riding, we have the licence that will suit your cycling needs.

There are as many benefits to purchasing a cycling licence, as there are when becoming a member of the Preston Cycling Club. Both types of licences provide you with insurance cover. This cover includes public liability insurance and a limited personal accident insurance and covers all members including officials and volunteers. It also covers organised or endorsed training programs.

As a member of the Preston Cycling Club, you will be given continual development opportunities. These include participating in coaching clinics, coaching courses, access to fully qualified and accredited coaches, the opportunity to represent the Preston Cycling Club, Victoria or Australia in the sport of cycling. Most importantly though, you will gain a healthier lifestyle whilst improving and developing your fitness and skills in a friendly environment.

There are various categories of licences available through Cycling Australia, from a kidz licence through to the elite and masters division.  Information can be found by accessing the links at the bottom of this page. However, if you have any questions please email us at

Purchasing a Cycling Australia membership provides you with a licence (similar to a driver’s licence). Once you have decided to join the Preston Cycling Club, please complete the membership application on-line and print out the confirmation/receipt (this will be proof of membership until the plastic licence is sent to you in the mail; usually in about two weeks).

Membership Applications can be made via the link to Cycling Australia; please remember to select Preston Cycling Club:

Further information on the State level racing and organised recreational riding scene can be found via the link to Cycling Victoria: