Friday - 29 September 2017 (Grand Final Public Holiday)

This session will follow a race simulation format. The main objective is to provide masters riders an opportunity to learn and train from participating in simulated races held in an event format.

• Flying 200m,
• Scratch, 
• Elimination, 
• Points
• Masters Mile Handicap

Number of grades will be determined by number of participants (expecting 3 to 4). Grading will be determined by flying 200m times. 
Podium places in each grade determined by aggregate points and in the case of a tie in points, flying 200 times. 
Points will be earned for top 5 places in the bunch races (1st – 10; 2nd – 8; 3rd – 6; 4th – 4; 5th -2 & 1 point for participating in the race).

Racing will be followed by Lunch with the Bunch at the Bistro (Fish & Chip Friday)

Enter via email at
Please provide your name and CV/CA licence number in the email (must be a master’s race licence)
Also indicate if you are joining us for lunch at the bistro (to help Crystal with ordering)
Entries close at midnight on Wednesday the 27/09/17
All CV and CA masters race licence holders welcome.

$15 entry fee payable on the day
Registration at 9.00am
Warm up 9.30 am
Racing begins at 10 am