Special Note Relating To Junior J11/13 Championships & Junior Club Teams Track Championships

As previously posted, the Junior J11/13 Championships and the Junior Club Team Track Championships will be run at our velodrome by Cycling Victoria on Sunday March 5th.

The first part of the day (morning session) incorporates the Victorian  Junior J11/13 Championships. Any parents wishing to enter riders into the Junior J11/13 Championships must register their children online through Cycling Victoria before midnight this Sunday. Registration costs are available on the Cycling Victoria website. Details of the racing are highlighted below.

The second part of the day (afternoon session) is the Junior Club Teams Track Championships which comprise a team sprint and team pursuit, with teams made up of members who have an U11 to U17 license from the same club.

Any members wishing to represent Preston at the Junior events (must have a gold licence) will need to provide their details to Peter as soon as possible (by tomorrow please). Training this week (both Thursday and Saturday) will be specifically focusing on these team events. Unlike the Junior J11/13 Championships, there is no cost nor other race entry required for riders in the Club Teams Track Championships.

Schedule Overview
Junior J11/13 Championships – 8.00am registration, 9.00am racing –

Junior Club Teams Track Championships 11.00am registration, 12.00 noon racing

Junior J11/13 Championships
Flying 200m, JG11, JG13, JB11,JB13
Scratch Race Qualifying (if required)
500m TT, JG11, JG13, JB11,JB13
Scratch Race, 6 laps JG11,JB11
Scratch Race, 8 laps JG13,JB13
Medals provided by Cycling Victoria

*J9 riders with GOLD racing memberships can enter a NON-CHAMPIONSHIP / PARTICIPATION event with ribbons via EntryBoss

Junior Club Teams Track Championships
Team Sprint, JG11, JG13, JB11,JB13,JW15,JM15,JW17,JM17
Team Pursuit, JG11, JG13, JB11,JB13,JW15,JM15,JW17,JM17Special