Road Race & ITT Championships 13th & 14th September 2014

Tom  Michael James
Tom Michael James
Zac and the President
Zac and the President
Gerard  Mel  Adrian
Gerard Mel Adrian
Nicole  Para cycling
Nicole Para cycling
Michael  Tom  Garth
Michael Tom Garth
Gerard  Mel  Kym
Gerard Mel Kym

group 2014 RR

Senior Track Training – 16 August 2014

#2 Seniors @ Preston 16 August 2014

#1 Seniors @ Preston 16 August 2014

Minor update to jersey design – July 2014

Preston Jersey (2014)

Luca in action in the pursuit @ Victorian Track Championships (February 2014)

Luca in Pursuit - February 2014

Hugh Presents the Christmas Wheel Race 2013 Seniors Trophy  1st Tom Slingsby  2nd Peter Wykes  3rd Steven Payne   1st Woman Laura Briggs

Xmas Wheel Race 2013


Michael Read  Tour of Bright 2013
Michael Read Tour of Bright 2013


Tom Slingsby Tour of Bright 2013
Tom Slingsby Tour of Bright 2013
Steve Payne  Winner Stage 2 Tour of Bright 2013
Steve Payne Winner Stage 2 Tour of Bright 2013


‘TWIN PEAKS’ – Natalie and Evan on the top step of the J11 Team Sprint podium (November 2013)

J11 Team Sprint

Golden Smiles – Pete and Laura at the Australian Masters Games (October 2013)



J15s (left) and J11s (right) sizing up the opposition in the early stages

J15s @ 2013 Road Championships                   J11s @ 2013 Road Championships

Henry wins the J15 sprint                                   Evan takes out the J11 race

J15 Finish                J11 Finish

Congratulations Zac, Henry and Alana and Jamie, Evan and Matthew…guys, your medals are in the mail…really…we promise!

J15 Presentation               J11 Presentation

Gee don’t School Holidays look tough – Matthew, James, Jett (standing) and Henry at DISC

Preston Boys @ DISC

Introducing Mr Tom Slingsby, 2013 Under 19 Champion, Northern Combine Cycling (September 2013)


Tom (second from left) content, but certainly NOT complacent, in his Victorian Road Series Leader’s Jersey (August 2013)

1237098_520459851359320_1118200177_n (1)

Luca, right, on the VSCC (North West Metro) podium (July 2013)

Luca @ VSCC North West Metro

Jamie on the VSCC (North West Metro) podium (July 2013)

Jamie @ VSCC Nort West Metro

Hurry up Troy; they’re right behind you! (July 2013)


Natalie and Evan turn 9; Birthday cake as well as a new motor bike (22 June 2013)


BIG day for our little club; the PRESTON RED motor bike arrives (22 June 2013)


Henry, Alana and Jamie with a few friends at National Boulevard (May 2013)


The Prez holding back the GOLD from Michael Read; “It’s handshake First, medal Second!” (March 2013) 


The incredible Mr Wykes (GOLD) reminding the ‘younger old’ guys how it’s done (March 2013)


Gabby did a GOLD ‘threepeat’ at the PJTC; just quietly Natalie looked pretty chuffed with her BRONZE (February 2013)


Perserverence personified; after two years of trying Alana finally makes the podium in her 6th and final JG13 Victorian Championship Event (500m Time Trial)


PCC’s ‘Old Masters’ Team No. 1, Craig, Peter and Tony, in action at DISC (February 2013) 

Club champs seniors1_n

Dads’ Army, Adrian P, Adrian T and Mel, on the start line (February 2013)

club teams seniors 2

Not a bad view from up here – Gabby and Evan grab Gold at the Club Teams Championships (February 2013)


Double A Rating – Alana and Ariel on the top step of the Club Teams Championships podium (February 2013)


Who’s the guy with Zac? (January 2013) 

preston cycling

“Not quite just yet little bro!” (November 2012)


 A little less white, a bit more red and a lot less black…(November 2012)

Preston Jersey Design

 Helmet covers come to Preston (Spring racing carnival style) – November 2012