Do I have to live in the Preston area to join the Preston Cycling Club?

No you don’t; we currently have members from the Northern and many other suburbs of Melbourne and its outskirts. However, if you are intending to join a cycling club and you live in Preston, the local government area of the City of Darebin or the Northern suburbs, then please let us know why you wouldn’t seriously consider joining your ‘local’ club?

Am I too old to join?

If you can ride a bike then the answer is no. The club currently has members aged from 7 to 70+.

Is my child, or are my children, too young to join?

The club recommends that children be at least 6 years of age and that they can already ride a bike. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the young boys and girls learn to safely ride a fixed-wheel track bike around the velodrome.

Before my child joins can I get an idea of what is involved?

By all means come to the velodrome (corner Cuthbert and Fordham Roads, Reservoir) on a Saturday morning and see the juniors and novices in action on the track.

Does the club have track bikes available for use?

Yes, we have club track bikes suitable for small children to adults.

What level of achievement do I need in order to join a racing club and do I have to be of a specific minimum standard?

No. You can join at any level. It’s more about what you want to achieve rather than your entry level. Of course racing to win takes commitment, dedication and talent but enjoyment of the sport can come from participation and progress rather than podium finishes.

Can I still join if I’m really only interested in track cycling and not at all in road riding (or vice versa)?

Of course. Many members are only interested in one particular aspect of cycle racing. Track training/racing is great because it’s conducted in a controlled/traffic free environment. This is one reason we encourage all our young riders to start out on the track.

I only have a cheap bike, can I still join?

Of course; we’re not into bike ‘bling’. Just as long as your bike is well-maintained and safe (e.g. roadworthy for a road bike) it will be fine.

Are there any mandatory requirements I should know about?

You will need a properly fitting helmet that passes Australian standards with the AS/NZS 2063 sticker intact. Any helmet purchased from a local bike shop will almost certainly comply.

Do I need a Preston Cycling Club jersey to ride with the club?

No, however there are rules about jerseys should you progress to ‘open’ racing or are representing the club at a Cycling Victoria club teams event.

This is the current PCC jersey:








Does the club hold any recreational rides?

Yes, there is a ride that leaves Bicycle Centre South Morang at 8.00am on Sunday mornings. It is a no drop ride to Humevale and back.

Where can I get answers to other questions that I have?

Please send an email to info@prestoncyclingclub.com or look at the contacts page on the website or simply come to the track on Saturday morning to speak to someone.